This book is for the men and women who lead our companies and who have come to realize that we must start to do things differently

A Values-Based, Systems Approach to Help Companies Become More Resilient

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Our world suffered a staggering blow. We will recover. Many of our companies are still suffering. Some of them will not recover.


We are in a time of disruption. A company’s culture will play a big part in managing through this disruption.


Senior leaders must establish a clear purpose, a strong set of core values, and a plan to translate strategy into action.


Our companies will be seeking to transform, to become more efficient and resilient. Historically, most attempts to do so fail. They fail because we try to solve the wrong problem with the wrong system.


We attempt to change the way people act. But to achieve sustained improvement, we must focus on changing the way they think. 

And we can do so by framing the problem through the lens of Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the readiness level achieved when a business becomes aligned in its strategy and the culture is committed to the continuous improvement of performance and the environment of those accomplishing the work.


Realizing Operational Excellence results in a more resilient business capable of executing strategy better than competitors, with higher revenues, lower risk, and optimized operating costs.

To pursue Operational Excellence is to invite change—and not just any change. We’re not adjusting what is—we’re creating what isn’t. A commitment here is a commitment to deliver end-to-end business transformation.


A company doesn’t implement Operational Excellence as a methodology, model, or tool. Instead, a company realizes Operational Excellence. It does so by integrating effective leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, systems thinking, and continuous improvement.


We can achieve this state by aligning strategies, empowering employees, optimizing business processes, and improving the customer experience.

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Pursuing Excellence was released on 7 Dec 2020. As we move out of 2020 and into 2021, many of our companies will still be in triage-mode.


We unfortunately have not yet found the bottom. But we are learning to adapt and overcome. And eventually, we'll need to become stronger and more resilient than we were before.

Please look through this website to learn about the book and how it may help you think about how we can start to do things differently.

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and as an ebook.


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