About the Author

Brian Strobel has been leading organizations towards excellence for 30 years. His initial academic pursuits trained him to be a physicist, but life had other plans. He’s led large-scale military operations and change across large companies.  He’s earned a deserved reputation as a leading authority on change and helping organizations achieve Operational Excellence.

From his decorated career as a field grade Marine Officer, Strobel was able to hone the mettle of what would become a foundational belief in servant leadership. His military assignments found him continuously selected to turn-around struggling units. The capstone of his service, which included foreign duties with the Department of State, was being selected to serve as a Congressional Fellow.

Upon transitioning to the corporate world, he quickly earned a professional reputation as a change agent and enabler of excellence. His management and leadership experiences across industry span the spectrum from the communication, aerospace and defense, food service, healthcare, and retail sectors. As a senior executive serving in leadership roles within multi-billion-dollar companies, he’s achieved positive change through values-based leadership and a keen understanding of the systems involved.


Aside from leadership education within the Marine Corps, Strobel earned a master’s degree in Management and another in Executive Leadership, to include study directly under Ken Blanchard. He is certified as a professional coach, a lean six sigma expert, an Instructor in Situational Leadership, and an ASQ Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.

Strobel’s travels brought him to more than 65 countries on six continents, including academic study in Europe and Asia and foreign service for the government of Australia. He’s directly observed excellence and what could be classified as the opposite of excellence in the realm of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. He brings these experiences to provide a global view of how we can do things better.

A recognized authority on continuous improvement, change management, and Operational Excellence, Strobel is a regular speaker at professional conferences and corporate events. Requests for his insight range from intimate TEDx talks to global conferences with thousands of attendees. He’s committed to helping organizations uncover hidden value by developing their own middle managers into more effective leaders. His value here is underscored by a series of national awards for his previous book, Leading Change from Within. And now his latest book, Pursuing Excellence, leverages this to provide innovative ideas and thoughts for how companies can approach our new world differently in their pursuit of excellence.

Brian Strobel’s resume reveals a consultant, corporate executive, author, and Marine Officer, but resumes can fail to summarize what's important. A better summary relates that he strives to be a servant to those he leads. His path has been different from most, but always one focused on excellence. This path eventually revealed life's plan. He's now fully dedicated to this pursuit, living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with his wife and his new dog. When not helping others in the pursuit of excellence, you can find him with his wife and that dog enjoying the mountains.