The Lens of Operational Excellence

Some of the previous ways that we’ve managed our companies must change. The world is now a new place, with new rules. Succeeding will require new ways of looking at our problems. The lens of Operational Excellence can help us view these things from a different perspective.

A lens is something that bends and refracts light to alter our vision. It allows us to see things differently. The right kind of lens takes what’s already there, and through convergence and divergence, provides a different perspective to view the subject. It focuses our vision on those things we need to see with more clarity.

Figure 0.jpg

The book’s flow follows the construct of this lens. The lens begins each of the book’s five Parts, representing those things that must be understood and embraced to achieve excellence. Discussion delivers the surrounding context why each is important to the pursuit of excellence. Through this approach, the lens helps guide our vision towards excellence and therefore can help our companies to become more resilient.